How To Make Beaded Wire Spiders

Here are my instructions to make a little beaded spider.

spiders made with beads and wire
To make these spiders you will need :-

Seed beads in size 8 in the colours of your choice.

0.3mm craft wire in the colour of your choice.

You can click on the pictures to view them larger.

Cut a piece of wire about 130 cm long.
Make sure the wire is smoothed out with no kinks.

1. Put 3 beads in the centre of the wire.

2. Add another 5 beads and cross the other wire 
through these 5 beads.

3. Pull up tight.

4. Add 7 more beads and cross the wires through them as before.
Pull up tight as you go.

5. This row add 10 beads

6. Now add 13 beads

7. Now add 14 beads

8. Now add 15 beads

9. Next add 12 beads, this row will make it look a bit wonky, don't 
worry this is correct, let it curl up.

10. Now add 9 beads.

11. Then add 5 beads

12. Now add a 3 bead row, then a row of 5 beads

13. Now we are going to make a leg, on one wire add 12 beads

 14. Bring the wire back through the beads as shown.

15. Pull the wire up and then add another leg on the other side

16. Add a row of 5 beads

17. Repeat until your spider has 8 legs.

18. Add a row of 3 beads then 2 beads.

20. trim the wire so you about 20-25mm wire each side and 
coil the ends up with round nosed pliers.

21. Bend your spider legs into shape - all done!

You can make your spider all one colour or multi coloured. 
Choose any colours you like to make your own unique little spider.

Here are some ideas for patterns you can use on your spiders.

Or print off this blank chart and use it to create your own designs.

Have fun!

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Brickstitch Beaded Christmas Bauble

beaded Christmas decoration
How I made this beaded Christmas bauble cover

To start I made a row of 7mm bugle beads, I stitched round and round so they sat together side by side

next part is decreasing brick stitch with size 11 seed beads

the first row of brick stitch has 10 beads and then decreasing each row until the last row has 2 beads

then I added 10 rows of square stitch

then I repeated the brick stitch triangle on the other side of the bugle beads

added a dangle, I used a mix of seed beads and bugles and a glass drop bead

and another shorter dangle

I decided 5 dangles would be right for my bauble so I made 4 more, I sewed in and cut off the dangle end threads but not the other ends as I need them to join everything together.
On a smaller bauble 4 dangles might be enough or if you want them closer together on a larger bauble make more.

next using size 8 seed beads I made a two row circle that fitted around the top of my bauble

 I made this circle 30 beads long as I needed it to be divisible by 5 so I could evenly space the other pieces around it. 

the dangling pieces are now all sewn on, and threads are all sewn in and cut off

I placed the bauble on a little stand I made from kitchen towel roll holder, added a long piece of thread and sewed around with more beads.

to finish off I added a row of fancy swags with bead drops

Free tutorial - how to make beaded angels

Hints and tips - how to make beaded snowflakes

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