Wavy Bracelets - Beading Class

At this mornings beginner beading class we made these lovely wavy bracelets, this is a variation of the darby bracelet.

beading lesson, darby bracelet
Red and metallic gold - always makes a great combination.

beginner beading lesson
Nice and sparkly in shades of green and shiny silver-lined seed beads

Miyuki and seed bead bracelet lesson
Matte sapphire blue frosted Miyuki cubes with opaque royal blue and matte silver seed beads

wavy bracelet with seed beads and miyuki cubes
This one, 2 rows wider than the others, is made with opaque seed beads in 2 shades of aqua and frosted emerald Miyuki cubes.

We finished off with wire guardians, trigger clasps and extension chains.

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