How To Make A Beaded Dragonfly

free instructions beaded dragonfly
You will need
17 size 5/0 seed beads for the body
110 size 8/0 seed beads for the wings
2 size 5/0 seed beads for the eyes
20" (50cm) 0.3mm  beading wire
1. Thread a body bead Size 5/0) to the centre of the wire and 
fold the wire in half.
2. Thread a further 9 body beads over both wires to form the tail.
3. Separate the wires and thread 2 body beads onto one of the wires, thread the other wire through the beads in the opposite direction.
4. Pull the wires through until the beads are up against the tail.
5. Thread 25 wing beads (size 8) onto one of the wires.
6. Bring the wire around to form the shape of the wing and pass it back through the two body beads.
7. Pull the wire through firmly.
8. Still using the same wire you just pulled through the two body beads thread on another 25 wing beads.
9. Thread back through the same 2 body beads to form another wing.
10. Add another 2 body beads in the same way as steps 2 and 3.
11. Pull up firmly.
12. Using whichever is the longest wire make another wing as 
before but this time using 30 beads.
13. Make another wing with 30 beads as before and then add 2 more body beads as in steps 2 & 3.
14. Place one eye bead on each wire.
15. Place a body bead on one of the wires and thread the other 
wire through in the opposite direction.
Pull up the wires and your dragonfly is complete.

The wire can be used to attach the dragonfly to something such as a window hanger, headband or brooch back etc. or you could trim the ends and turn a loop and use a piece of ribbon or chain to hang it up.

More ideas for beaded dragonflies.

Thanks for looking!