How To Make A Beaded Angel

These are the basic instructions to make a beaded angel, you can use different size beads and vary the pattern to create as many different angels as you like.
Christmas angels
For the purpose of these instructions I have used
A larger bead for the head.
Approx. 18" 0.5mm plated jewellery wire, the wire needs to be thin enough to fit through the size 5 seed beads 3 times if you are using beads with smaller holes
you can use 0.3mm or 0.4mm wire
1. Cut a piece of wire about 18" long.
Thread on 5 beads and leave these at the centre of the wire.
2. Thread 4 beads onto the end of the wire and thread the other wire through the beads in the opposite direction.
3. Pull up the wires to form two rows of beads, try to get this 
fairly close to the centre of the wire.
4. Add 3 beads to one wire and thread the other wire through in the 
opposite direction as step 3, then repeat with 2 beads and again 
with 1 bead to form a triangle of beads.
5. Choose the longest wire and thread on 15 size 8 seed beads.
6. Bring the wire around and push through the 2 beads in the 2nd from top row.
7. Pull the wire through firmly to form a wing.
8. Continuing on the same wire thread on another 15 size 8 seed beads.

9. Put the wire through the first bead at the top of the triangle.

10. Slide the head bead over both wires

11. Thread 6 size 8 seed beads onto the shorter wire.
12. Wrap into a little loop and twist the wires together to form a little halo. 
Twist the spare wires together and bend round to make a loop to hang your little angel up with.

Thanks for looking!