Make An Easy Farfalle Bead Bracelet

For this example I have used
0.3mm tigertail wire (about 75cm)
clasp of your choice.
 Fold the wire in half and with the wires together thread on 3 of the seed beads.
1. Thread one end of the clasp onto the centre of the wire.
Fold the wire in half and with the wires together thread on 3 of the seed beads.
2. Separate the wires, onto each wire thread one seed bead then 3 farfalle beads and one more seed bead.
3. Bring the wires back together and add an 8mm bead, both wires should be going through this bead.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have the length required.
Push the beads firmly up the wire as you go so the farfalle beads sit together to form neat clusters.
5. Bring the wires together and thread on the other 3 seed beads, the crimp bead and the clasp.
6. Bring the wire around and back through the crimp bead and the 3 seed beads.
7. Push the seed beads and the crimp bead up against 
the bracelet beads -away from the clasp-
hold the clasp tightly in one hand and the wire in the other,
pull the wire until the clasp is snug against the beads, if it is difficult to pull all the way you need to push the beads and crimp away from the clasp again so the excess wire can slide through.
If you can't get a good grip on the wire hold it with your pliers.
8. Squash the crimp bead with the tip of your flat pliers and trim off the excess wire as close to the beads as you can.

For these instructions I have used 8mm glass pearls but these could be swapped for any other beads for a different look.
beginner jewellery making
This version is made with blue inside lined farfalle beads, 8/0 metallic silver seed beads and 10mm fire polished crystals.

To make a matching necklace just make it longer.

Thanks for looking!