How To Make A Wavy Bracelet With Farfalle Beads

You will need 
2 colours of farfalle beads
Clasp of your choice
about 75cm 0.3mm tigertail beading wire
Thread one end of the clasp onto the centre of the wire.
Fold the wire in half and with the wires together thread on 3 of the seed beads.
Separate the wires. Thread 5 farfalle beads onto one wire and
3 of the other colour onto the other wire.
Thread the wire with 3 beads on the opposite way through the 5th of the other colour beads so the threads are crossed through this bead.
Pull the wires up firmly.
Add more beads as shown here.
As before, cross through the last bead then pull up firmly.
...until you have the length you require.
Bring the wires together and thread on the other 3 seed beads
and the crimp bead.
Add the other half of the clasp and then thread back through the crimp bead and the three seed beads as shown.
Push the seed beads and the crimp bead up against the bracelet beads (away from the clasp) hold the clasp tightly in one hand and the wire in the other, pull the wire until the clasp is snug against the beads, if it is difficult to pull all the way you need to push the beads away from the clasp again so the excess wire can slide through.
If you can't get a good grip on the wire hold it with your pliers.
Squash the crimp bead with the tip of your flat pliers and trim off the excess wire as close to the beads as you can.

- finished!

Thanks for looking!