How To Make A Tapered Necklace

Follow these instructions to create this elegant necklace using a 
gemstone tapered set, 8/0 seed beads and 4mm glass pearls in the colours of your choice.
The beads are threaded onto tigertail wire which is attached to the clasp and chain with crimps.

Put a crimp bead on the wire, thread through the end link of an extension chain and back through the crimp bead.
Push the crimp bead up to the chain and flatten it with flat pliers.
The extension chain allows for 2" of adjustment in the necklace length, if you want your necklace to be 16" to 18" long add 6" of seed beads and for an 18" to 20" necklace add 7" of seed beads. 
If you want the necklace to be even longer add more seed beads.
Thread on the 4mm pearls and fan pieces. The 4mm pearls could be replaced with any other small bead you like such as size 5/0 or 6/0 seed beads or 4mm crystals for a different effect
Check the fan pieces are all the same way up as they are flat on one side and curved on the other.
Thread on the same length of seed beads as you did on the first side, add a crimp bead and the clasp. 
Go back through the crimp and a few of the seed beads.
Hold the clasp firmly and pull the wire up with the other hand, squash the crimp and trim off the end of the wire.
The clasp can connect to any link in the chain allowing you to adjust the length of the necklace.

Thanks for looking!