How To Make Daisies With Seed Beads

Use a needle and beading thread to make a daisy stitch bracelet or necklace, suitable threads would be Nymo, S-Lon, or similar fine thread. I have used size 8 seed beads but you can use any size you like for bigger or smaller daisies.
I've already made 2 daisies, next daisy will be a white one. 
To make a daisy first pick up 6 seed beads onto your thread.
Sew back through the first bead as shown to form a loop.
Pull up the thread so the beads sit close to the previous daisy.
Add a different colour bead for the centre of the daisy.
Pass the needle through the opposite bead in the circle in the 
direction shown by the red arrow.
Pull the thread until the bead pops into the centre, repeat until 
you have the length you want.

Thanks for looking!